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KATE BECKETT played by Stana Katic
Occupation: Homocide Detective with the 12th precinct of the NYPD
Former job(s): Model
Specialties: Interrogation, consoling victims, dealing with Castle
Hobbies: Beckett seems to be an avid reader (and one of Castle's biggest fans), with minimal social life, since her job seems to dictate her life, poker.
Nickname(s): Beckett, Becks, Katie
Working style: Almost by the book, she's tough but kindhearted when needed. She's hardworking but can have fun in the process. Kate balances the hardnosed archetype, supplementing the personality with a softer gentle side, especially when dealing with family members of victims. She likes rules and protocol but she has developed enough of a relationship with Castle that she trusts his judgments without demanding much explanation at all.
Personality type: Multi-faceted; outwardly she is rigid, structured and seemingly unwavering. However, given the opportunities, Beckett has no problem having a little fun or allowing herself to show vulnerability. She reads a lot, knows a good deal of pop culture and is capable of fan girling ("Joe Freakin' Torre!") while also being able to turn around and act like a professional public servant.
She has some deep seated issues regarding commitment and relationships, likely due to her mother's death and father's bout with alcoholism. Especially when it comes to Castle, Beckett is in a sea of denial about getting too close to a person.
Quirks: She treats Espisito and Ryan as if they were her brothers.
Castle has managed to grow on Beckett over time, however it does seem that they both enjoy the back and forth everpresent since the first episode.
Weakness(es): Her mother died when she was young, and she becomes very guarded whenever something pops up concerning mothers -- especially hers.
Strength(s): Her ability to identify with victims' family members, her passion to close cases that drives her interrogation efforts, her efforts to put together cases that will hold up in court (part of her obsession with rules and protocol, so that nothing she or her officers do can be questioned).
Kate Beckett
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Castle Characters
Name: Richard Castle
Occupation: Author & Consultant
Relationship: Colleague
Castle Characters
Name: Kate Beckett
Occupation: Detective
Relationship: Herself
Castle Characters
Name: Martha Rodgers
Occupation: Actress
Relationship: Acquaintance
Castle Characters
Name: Alexis Castle
Occupation: Student (also once served as intern at the station)
Relationship: Acquaintance
Castle Characters
Name: Roy Montgomery
Occupation: NYPD Captain
Relationship: Boss
Castle Characters
Name: Lanie Parish
Occupation: Medical Examiner
Relationship: Colleague & Friend
Castle Characters
Name: Javier Esposito
Occupation: Detective
Relationship: Colleague
Castle Characters
Name: Kevin Ryan
Occupation: Detective
Relationship: Colleague


Just as Castle's name is the name of a chess piece (the rook) Becket's is a clever synonym for the piece called the bishop....Thomas a Becket having been the archbishop of Canterbury.

Or ... it could be a coincidence!



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Have never heard what the mum did for a job but interesting point. Why Would Richard Coonan ( The Bad Guy) hint there was a hit put on her mother unless just trying to save his own skin from Kates Bullets. I'm sure the Writer/s will put us straight when the time comes!
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I don't remember hearing anything about what Beckett's mother did for a living, and if someone paid and expensive hit-man to off her - I'd think someone would have wondered why or mentioned it in one episode. I could have missed that episode, so somebody email me the answer, please.
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